60 Sunrise Sunset

Several years ago Terry created a small sunset set.  Then in 2015 we realized that sunrises had unique colors too.  So Terry created 40 new colors and married them to existing colors to expand our offering to this area of painting needed by our artist friends.

Y030 G340 A060 A092 R422 A010 R010 R060 V450 V344 G062 B290
Y032 Y073 A080 A272 R482 A040 R020 R269 V340 V052 T320 T080
Y034 Y072 Y010 A046 R484 A054 R032 R268 V339 V375 B522 B542
Y036 G342 A042 A048 R442 A020 R034 R267 V372 V272 B203 B080
Y077 Y074 A044 Y076 R362 R349 R246 R266 B562 V292 T376 B166

Printable Index Here

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