Our Family

Geoff Ludwig, is the new President, Owner and Manager of Terry Ludwig Pastels. While Terry and Marie totally enjoy the business, they felt it was time to retire from active duty at Terry Ludwig Pastels. Their son, Geoff is now at the helm of Terry Ludwig Pastels. Geoff is not a stranger to the art world. In addition to growing up with an artist father, Geoff is a seasoned jeweler having worked 26 years in the industry. His credits range from working for mom and pop businesses to creating designs for internationally known jewelers. Geoff was trained at Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology in Paris, Texas.  Geoff’s eye for color and design have given him the skills and ability needed to continue to provide quality, unique handmade pastels to the world.



Terry Ludwig, is an internationally known artist and instructor.  Terry studied under William Mosby and Joseph Vanden Broucke at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Thanks to his education in the skills of fine art, Terry is an expert on color and color mixing.  Terry has also been given the honor of judging many art shows and events, as well as conducting workshops throughout the US and Australia.

Marie Ludwig, Terry’s wife has been an ardent supporter of Terry over the years though she did not directly work at the business.  Then in 2012, Marie retired from her career to join Terry at TLP.  Over the last several years, she worked side by side with Terry to expand the product offering and market coverage, as well as improve business practices.

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