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60 Red Rocks Landscape

From The Garden of the Gods to the Ridgebacks, this set was inspired by the majestic Colorado red rocks to capture the vibrancy of the landscape.  This 60 piece set includes all new colors and was designed as a stand-alone for the artist to work straight from the box to capture water, land and sky.  This set was released, July, 2018.

A340 A341 A342 A343 A344 A345 G830 G831 G832 G840 G841 G842
R560 R561 R562 R563 R564 R565 G850 G851 G852 G853 G854 G855
R570 R571 R572 N640 N641 N642 B630 B631 B632 B633 B634 G856
R580 R581 R582 R583 R584 R585 B640 B641 B642 B643 B644 N650
V570 V571 V572 V573 V574 V575 B650 B651 B652 B653 N651 N652

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