60 Nightscape

With 47 new colors, this set introduces the long-awaited Prussian blue both by itself and in combination with other pigments to create what we hope is the perfect palette from Dusk to Dawn. So, from our hands to yours, reach for the stars and turn on the night!

These rich Prussian Blue colors are new to the pastel world and some of the darker colors are slightly harder than our normal buttery stick due to it being an iron based pigment. They apply more like some of our darker vibrants, we think they are a great addition to one's palette.
G860 G865 V100 N655 R562 V569 V585 V580 V444 B655 T380 B670
G861 G852 R590 N656 A354 V576 V586 V581 V445 B656 T381 B671
G862 G380 R592 A350 A092 V577 V587 V582 V446 B657 T382 B672
G863 G370 R594 A351 A070 V578 V588 V583 V442 B658 T383 B673
G005 G360 R050 A352 E040 R070 V589 V049 A262 B659 T384 E020

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