60 Floral Landscapes-Karen Margulis

This 60 piece set was hand selected by Artist, Karen Margulis with floral landscapes in mind.  This set was released, June, 2019.

G630 G510 G456 V419 R252 A010 Y173 V230 V100 B320 V250 B040
G590 G210 G760 R240 R272 A040 Y109 V346 V571 B280 V270 B070
G390 G150 G734 A160 R280 A050 A082 V048 V344 B540 B633 B190
G310 G030 Y039 R080 R330 A070 A087 V382 V573 B460 B220 B090
G370 G100 Y075 R020 R340 Y030 A320 R402 N085 G832 B150 T360

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