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60 Arid Landscape

Do you paint landscapes in an arid climate?  Then our 60 Arid Landscape set is for you.  It boasts many hues complementing the southwest USA.  This set has been a favorite of landscape artists since its inception in 2007.  

A250 A240 N370 Y170 N380 N260 N430 G360 N040 N050 B520 B140
A300 A220 A100 N245 Y200 N390 N400 G390 G070 G090 B490 B220
N220 A190 A280 A090 A110 Y090 N240 G400 G200 G560 B500 B100
N130 R150 R030 R360 R450 A130 N190 V190 V310 B560 V270 B210
N120 Y150 Y050 Y040 Y070 N150 N270 N070 V260 V250 V060 B170

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