Terry’s Background, Work, & Mission




Terry is an internationally known artist and instructor. Additionally, he is the owner and Chief Colorologist of Terry Ludwig Pastels, LLC, in Littleton, Colo., a suburb of Denver.

Background & Mission

Several years ago Terry began creating his own rectangular shaped pastels to achieve the array of colors he needed, combined with the ability to use the edge of a pastel to create more detailed art. Terry Ludwig Pastels sells to artists all over the world.

Workshops & Education

A lifelong artist, Terry loves teaching and interacting with other artists. He has been invited to conduct workshops throughout the U.S. and Australia. Terry received his formal art education under William Mosby and Joseph Vanden Broucke at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

His work has been featured in galleries throughout the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions.

Frustrated with the lack of color options available and few choices for very soft pastels, Terry Ludwig began experimenting with formulas for making his own pastels in 1995. His goal was to create a vast array of color in pastels that were uniformly soft across all densities of hue.

The results were more than 580 intense colors, some of which are unavailable elsewhere, in a unique square pastel.